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Wing M. Wong-Tom, PT, MS, OCS

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Wing is a New York State licensed Physical Therapist. She graduated summa cum laude from New York University in 1996 with a degree in Physical Therapy, and an advanced master degree in orthopedic physical therapy from Quinnipiac University in 2000. She has had twenty years of orthopedic, sports medicine and manual experience. She is a member of the Orthopedic Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), and an Orthopedic Certified Specialist.

Wing believes that a holistic approach is essential to facilitate maximum recovery and prevent future relapses. Over the years, she has taken numerous continue education courses to enhance her skills and knowledge in evaluation and treatments for patients with neuro-musculo-skeletal ailments.

Wing always strives to provide the best quality of one-on-one care to her patients. She enjoys teaching fellow physical therapists and students, volunteering for NYC Marathons and health fairs. She had been invited to speak to the medical staff at Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, the Athletic Trainer students at Long Island University, and the triathletes at The Brooklyn Tri Club.


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"I would recommend ProMobility for Physical Therapy. From personal experience I found the treatment professional and polite, educational, effective and at the same time easy to understand to continue with at home. Having been treated by both Wing M. Wong-Tom and Teresa Shum-Leung, both professional therapists, I was able to make a full recovery learning plenty of helpful hints and exercises to help me live a healthy and active lifestyle."      - Stuart, Architect, Manhattan

"Over the years, I've endured constant pain in both my back and neck. I've been treated by multiple doctors for this pain without any measure of success.  It was not until I began treatment at ProMobility that I experienced the bliss of relief.  Within just one week of treatment, I felt significantly better!  Within just a few weeks, the pain has completely subsided. I highly recommend the services at ProMobility to my family, friends, and colleagues."     - Lisa, HR Manager, Brooklyn

“I've been a runner for a year and a half and I went into the ProMobility office with a knee injury. I'd never been to a physical therapist before and I'm usually extremely hesitant to see a doctor for any ailment. But I just couldn't ignore my swollen knee. Wing was non judgmental about my injury. She didn't lecture or chide me for running too much or running too intensely. She was really focused on getting me back on my feet and into my running sneakers with knees better equipped to handle the task. After the first session, I could tell that Wing was a practiced physical therapist. Her treatment is multi-faceted - she tended to my injury, showed me how to stretch properly before and after my run, showed me how to strengthen the muscles in my leg, gave me a regime to follow, evaluated the dynamics of my feet and posture, gave me advice and answered questions whenever I had them, and was extremely supportive throughout the 10 sessions. She approached every session with kindness, patience, and humor - giving me a sense of ease. The hour long sessions went by in a breeze. During our last session together, she continued to offer her guidance if I needed it. It is quite obvious that her passion lies in her patients' well-being. Thank you so much for all your help.”     - Angela, Teacher, Manhattan

"I found ProMobility Physical Therapy through a friend at work. I have had the opportunity to use several physical therapists but found the work at ProMobility to be among the best. I had two issues a torn meniscus and a nerve issue in my neck. I was able to find adequate relief in both areas and resume my Triathlon training for Ironman Arizona 2009. In addition I found that I was able to pick up many tips which I have been able to use on my own to further help my recovery and daily maintenance."      - Gary R., Vice President, Castlehill Apparel Group, Ironman, Manhattan

"After suffering from a herniated disc in my lower back, I saw a number of different practitioners. My pain was severe and my mobility was severely limited.  Only at Promobility did I begin to see real progress.  Wing at Promobility worked tirelessly and thoughtfully so that I'm now back to training for triathlon.  She also has an incredible knowledge base with impressive understanding of latest studies that allowed me to gain tremendous trust in her.  She blends all of this with a warm and cheerful personality.  I'm still getting thanks from a colleague I sent to Wing for a painful shoulder injury, so I'm definitely not alone in my opinion. Note: The chiropractors and other "specialists" I saw at other practices in Manhattan and Brooklyn turned out to be a waste of time and money, and likely set back my recovery.  Wing is the real deal!"     - Greg H., Triathlete, Manhattan

"Wing is very professional, knowledgeable and hands-on. My muscles and myself always leave the office feeling relax and recharged."      - Wei H., Dentist, Queens

"I've been dealing with lower back tension/stiffness for the past 12 months. It's been a very frustrating process. I've tried another PT office but found it was a short-term solution and temporary relief to my discomfort, which would return within a few days. I was referred to Wing and was beyond satisfied after our initial consultation. She was able to identify one of the sources of the problems (imbalance of pelvis) and recommended at-home techniques to solve the problem, which was corrected in about a month. She's been helping to work through the stiffness I still have in my middle back and has guided me through a routine I could do on my own to maintain flexibility, movement and release of joins. She and her staff are very professional and kind. Wing truly offers personalized service. She's thorough and has been a delight to work with. I recommend her 100% to anyone who needs physical therapy. "      - Veronica A., Marketing Manager, Manhattan

"I found Wing to be effective in diagnosing and in treating my problems. Equally important for me she was able to convey information about her diagnosis and her treatments in ways that were readily understandable. While giving treatment, Wing has a keen and context appropriate sense of humor, which she is quite sensitive about when and if it should be used. On the whole I've found Wing to be one of the rare professionals who can put you at ease while successfully addressing the problem at hand. Wing was able to provide me with a sense of hope that has been invaluable for encouraging me to work hard to get better."      - Richard W., Professor, Manhattan

"Being in the unfortunate situation of requiring physical therapy services due to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), I was quite at a loss as how to select a physical therapist. Thus I figured to use a similar approach as to when I select contractors for my services company; I wanted a highly educated, trained certified physical therapy professional with extensive experience in treating patients with RSI and similar musculo skeletal disorders. The ideal candidate would also be communicative and e-mail savvy as to be able to answer my inquiries promptly. I mass e-mailed a few dozen therapists in the Manhattan area  and sent them a list of questions. Many did not respond while others took the less time-consuming route of pointing me to their website. From the few that did respond, Wing was by far the most responsive one. She addressed all of my questions and met all the other above mentioned selection criteria, including that she accepted my insurance! During the 6 weeks that followed I visited Wing twice a week. The session consisted of 30 minutes of manual therapy, followed by 10-30 minutes of supervised exercise  routines She was consistently friendly and attentive to my needs and through her  master's degree in Orthopedic PT capable of addressing all of my doubts. Her assistant Douglas was considerate and helpful in helping me with my exercise routines. Let it be noted that ProMobility also did its best to accommodate my work schedule. As a result of Wing' treatment, over a short period of time I improved 65%-70% and am now continuing with the exercise routines that Wing taught me as to complete my recovery. It is my pleasure to recommend ProMobility for physical therapy services."     - Julie S., Manhattan

"I selected Wing Mun Wong as my therapist when I had to be treated for severe back and neck pains.  The neck pains were so severe that I was barely able to turn my head. With Wing's knowledge and great skills as a therapist and the exercises that she trained me to do, I was able to bring my neck back to its normal functions. As an added plus I have been able to maintain this good health by using the exercises and techniques that I learned from Wing during my therapy sessions. I remain pain free since."      - Marvin G., Artist, Manhattan

"This was my first experience with physical therapy, and I will never go anywhere else. Wing is incredibly knowledgeable and lets me know exactly what we are working on to heal. This way, I can also work on my own to recover fully. The office is comfortable and has all of the latest equipment, and I always feel that I am receiving as much personal attention as I need. Best of all, I am on the road to 100% rotator cuff recovery!"     - Brenda L., Manhattan

"Wonderful, informative and most importantly HEALING  PT!  I went to Wing (female) for help with searing pain in my hip. She accessed my condition accurately, but also knew how to work with and around trigger points from pre-existing conditions of Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. I found her extremely knowledgeable and caring. Wing helped me to get better with her patience and expertise. I'd never heard of her before researching the net to find someone near my SoHo home."
"Over the years I've gone to other PTs in the area. Before going to ProMobility I checked out another PT further north on Broadway recently. This woman was very negative in her outlook on life and tried to convince me to do another treatment not paid for by my insurance network or prescribed by my surgeon. This was before she'd even looked at my doctor's Rx or my body. Why would anyone want to go to a practitioner that was pessimistic I thought. I'm so glad I researched further and found Wing Wong-Tom. Don't let her non-English name and the neighborhood dissuade you from getting excellent care. The office is only a block from Canal is easy to get to. Wing is NYU trained and a natural in her chosen field. I am sure her reputation and practice will grow quickly. She is serious about what she does but equally charming.
"I witnessed her working with a 2nd grader, and perhaps because she's also a parent of small children, she was superb with him. This kid was a little bit of a handful too. She had a lot of cute ways of engaging him so that he had "favorite" exercises she'd taught him to do."
"If you want to go to a fancy SoHo therapy practice that may not accept your insurance don't come here. If you want to get better I cannot recommend ProMobility Physical Therapy more highly."     - Wendy F., Operations Manager, Manhattan

"Without a doubt the reason I am walking! After major ankle surgery and being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis I came to Wing at ProMobility on a friend's recommendation. I had been to other physical therapists in large open room settings where I was but one of 6-8 patients being treated at once, it wasn't for me. I am an athlete with two small children, getting back on my feet was imperative."
"Wing schedules herself sparsely so she always has plenty of time to handle whatever is coming with you that day. She is unbelievably professional, knowledgeable and has been my partner in rehabilitation. I can e-mail her when I have pain between appointments and she responds immediately with directions that have never failed."
"I have another surgery scheduled in March and I am confident going into it purely because I know she will be able to get me recovered and back to myself."
"If you live or work anywhere nearby don't even consider another therapist.""     - Rory B., Manhattan

"I saw Wing at ProMobility after completing my first Ironman race. The training ground my left knee down to where every stride on the run hurt. I felt I had done some serious maybe even irreparable damage and thought I would need surgery down the line."
"I checked out several physical therapy centers before going to Wing. None of them were very clear with the diagnosis and none were very clear with their treatment plan. What I noticed right away about Wing is how much personal care attention she showed in the very first visit. She showed me exactly how to do each of the exercises and let me ask a lot of questions. She is incredibly knowledgeable. Incredibly!"
"The other thing that set Wing apart is her philosophy of using functional strength and basic stretching/strengthening exercises in a progressive way to help correct your imbalances and strengthen the problem area. She always shows you exactly how to do the exercises which is so important in PT so you don't screw something else up."
"I went to ProMobility for about 3 months.  I am now back to my training, my left knee area is way stronger than before, and I am running again pain free!"
"If you have any PT needs, go see Wing.  She takes many different insurance plans and her rates are very fair if you don't have coverage.  She also has a great set of hands and can quickly find the problem areas and work out the kinks which aren't a bad thing either..."
" Happy to provide further details - 917.671.6336. Good luck!"     - Alex V., Triathlete/Ironman, Brooklyn

“I can not recommend Wing enough. I tore my calf in a marathon (very early in the race). We never had an MRI done, but I didn't finish the marathon and Wing estimated the tear between 20 and 30%. 40 days later I was on my bike climbing whiteface mountain. The pain of my calf an after thought. Wing doesn't just tell you what's wrong with you and send you out the door. She makes sure you understand the problem, know how to solve it, and gives you practicable steps to maintaining and improving the issue so you don't relapse and have set backs.”     - Shaun C., Triathlete, Brooklyn

“Wing is everything you want in a PT. Over four years ago, I sustained a severe bilateral groin strain during an interval training run. I had been rehabilitating the injury ever since, working with two separate - and very well-known - NYC sports-medicine doctors, 2 MRIs, and 2 entire regimens with different physical therapists - resulting in only minor improvement. When the pain moved to my feet, I sought out Wing on the recommendation of a tri-athelete friend of mine. Whereas prior PTs and doctors had addressed the symptoms of my injuries, Wing had the knowledge, patience and thoroughness to identify and address the underlying causes – which were rooted in congenital foot imbalances. Having fixed the balance problem with orthotics, she was able to tailor a much more targeted and effective rehab regimen. After nearly five years of frustration, I am back on my feet within a couple of months and feeling stronger every day, particularly in the areas of injury. She saved me from having to quit running altogether.”     - Andrew W., Lawyer/Runner, Brooklyn